Because of the aircraft aluminum, dual skin construction along with the ample fiberglass insulation and three station and reversible overhead fans, the interior always stays cool, even in the hottest weather and toasty warm even in freezing conditions with only the smallest of heaters. Three winters serving at an outdoor ice rink proved that!

Inside, staff can operate two blenders, mix hot drinks and run the frozen drink machine with plenty of room to spare and even our tallest 6’4”staffer clears the ceiling with ease! Selling is done out the left (driver) side with the order window having two stations for turning fast crowds with staffers sitting comfortably on a custom made, massively padded with Ensolite foam, teal colored vinyl seat mounted on a marine quality Igloo cooler. Delivery is to the customer’s right, helping the line move along.  No motion or space is wasted in the Silver Streak Café!

With the purpose built and reinforced drop down work table on the right (passenger) side, coffee brewing and hot dog steaming was done outside in the back of house under one of the ‘50s style, forest green awnings and (optional) green screen sidewalls, keeping a separate work station for staff, a secure space for back stock and of course, helping to maintain the cool interior.

Most times, two to three staffers are enough to handle even moderately large crowds. At larger events and with the proper event placement, we’ve had as many as eight working when we set up a complete sales counter in back, allowing maximum exposure to crowds and of course, maximum sales! Flexibility and adaptability to whatever challenge we were presented with meant we NEVER failed to open and serve.

We decided to stay with a limited number of large, special events per year but you may choose to operate on a daily, weekend or throughout the year basis as well visiting Ethnic Festivals, Sporting Events, Car Shows, Food Festivals, State and County Fairs, Winter Carnivals, Farmer’s Markets, Flea Markets, Food Truck Events or even find semi-permanent or permanent location (your local college?). With the overall 19’ length you are assured trouble free placement in any standard 20” event space.  

Why sell? Easy, it’s a younger person’s game and it’s time to retire. Bottom line, how much? Anyone can buy one of the thousands of food trucks or simple concession trailers on the market today for less. But what we are offering you represents far more than that, it is your investment in a time proven, plug and play, cash generating… going concern! To put this in perspective, the last season we served at an ice rink, we sold over 5,000 hot dogs alone and did nearly $130,000 in sales! One day when all our staff had final exams, I was forced to work by myself and sold over $3,200!  We were stationed there less than 4 months but the vast majority of sales happened between the Thanksgiving and New Year’s holidays. So whether you live in San Diego or Boston, Amsterdam or Tokyo, this vintage Silver Streak Café could now be yours to run your own successful family business!