What makes the Silver Streak Café a Success?

The Silver Streak Cafe represents your investment in a time-proven, plug and play, cash generating business. This beautiful and timeless trailer has been transformed into a self-sufficient and highly profitable mobile business, great for festivals, farmers markets, corporate events and more.

The trailer is designed with efficiency in mind. No motion or space is wasted and the cafe can be operated with just 2-3 staff even under the busiest conditions.  It is easy to set up and break down, easy to clean, easy to stock, convenient to move, and low maintenance. 

Because of the aircraft aluminum construction, insulation and fans, the interior stays cool even on the hottest of days and toasty on the coldest. A wide variety of retro-style signage and highly visible banners attract customers to this brilliantly shining aluminum gem from all directions like moths to a flame.

Perhaps best of all, you have the flexibility to run the cafe on your schedule: operate daily, weekly or monthly and still turn high profits. 

At three day festivals it is not unusual to gross $10K plus with 35-50% net margins being typical. The last season we served at an ice rink, we sold over 5,000 hot dogs alone and did nearly $130,000 in sales! One day when all our staffers were unexpectedly unavailable, I was forced to work by myself and sold over $3,200!

Why am I selling the cafe? Easy...It is a younger person's game and after 18 years it's time for me to retire.

Whether you live in San Diego or Boston, Amsterdam or Tokyo, this vintage Silver Streak Cafe could be yours to run your own successful family business!